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Embedded Live returns to run alongside WNIE Live for the 2nd year in their new home of NAEC Stoneleigh

Show opening times: 9.30 – 5pm Wednesday and 9.30 – 4pm Thursday

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This exhibition and conference are platforms for companies involved in Embedded Systems and Software to see the latest technologies, network with industry professionals and join workshops, seminars and conference streams.

Conference Schedule

10.15 am Wednesday 18th September 2019
Debugging is Difficult: so why do it? – Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems

Debugging takes time, needs tools, and uses resources all of which COSTS MONEY: more money if you over run deadlines or miss out features. If you deliver a buggy product to market it could cost more than money. So why do it? This paper looks at ways of removing the debugging phase.

11.15am Wednesday 18th September and 1.15 pm Thursday 19th September 2019
Rapidly prototyping real-time applications on Raspberry Pi – Daniel Morris, eCosCentric

Using Raspberry Pi and the eCosPro RTOS it is now possibe to swiftly prototype deterministic real-time applications for single and multi-core. Code developed can be deployed directly, migrated to low-power microcontrollers or used in FPGA. This session introduces the software development tools, drivers and stacks available for the Raspberry Pi.

Use Embedded Live to discover the innovations and intelligence that is reflecting the trends of the embedded sector. The paid conference has a half day agenda, which will be repeated on both days of the WNIE exhibition. It will close on each day with a panel discussion.

2pm – 2.40pm Wednesday 18th September/ 10am – 10.40am Thursday 19th September
Bringing Security and Intelligence to the IoT Device Edge – David Henry, ARM

Arm pioneered the technology that powered the smartphone revolution, and with over 140 billion Arm-based chips shipped to date, it’s now touching and transforming every industry with the world’s broadest portfolio and ecosystem of IP, software and services.

At Arm TechCon last year, Arm CEO Simon Segars talked about the “5th Wave of Computing”: a world in which computing will be dominated by data and driven by the intelligent devices that process it. Pervasive, always-on connectivity of intelligent devices will, once again, transform the way we interact with the world around us.

Arm and our partners are at the forefront of this next revolution, making technology ever smarter, smaller and more efficient, yet equipped with the performance and security needed to power smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This  talk will explore some of the technologies that we believe will make that happen and the partner ecosystem of software,  tools and resources to make it easier and faster to bring tomorrow’s innovation to market.

2.40pm – 3.10pm Wednesday 18th September/ 10.40am – 11.10am Thursday 19th September
Creating Cortex M33 TrustZone software projects: a practical, hands-on guide – Mark Dunnett and Steve Mitchell, NXP

In this practical presentation, Steve Mitchell and Mark Dunnett from Arrow Electronics will demonstrate how to create software projects for ARM Cortex M33 TrustZone. A wide range of topics will be explained, to include memory mapping and linker considerations (Security Attribution Unit, Implementation-Define Attribution Unit), function entry points, secure gateway and the veneer table, and function calls between the Secure and Non-Secure worlds. Attendees will gain many practical tips and a greater understanding of how TrustZone simplifies software development in security, industrial, medical, appliance and IoT applications. Examples will be based on Keil MDK And MCUXpresso IDEs.

3.10pm  – 3.30pm Wednesday 18th September/11.10am – 11.30am Thursday 19th September – Coffee Break

3.30pm  – 4.10pm Wednesday 18th September/11.30am – 12.10pm Thursday 19th September
Secure communication for IoT devices with Mbed TLS – Trevor Martin, Hitex (UK) Ltd

With the growth of IoT networks many embedded developers are faced with the challenge of adding secure communications to Internet facing devices. In this presentation Trevor Martin of Hitex will provide an introduction to the cryptographic algorithms that underpin the Transport Layer Security Protocol. He will also demonstrate how a secure IoT system can be developed using the ARM mbedTSL cryptographic security library and the limitations of a “Plain old Microcontroller”. The MbedTLS security library is a free to use, professionally developed library of security algorithms that are designed for use by a resource limited device.

4.10pm  – 4.30pm Wednesday 18th September/12.10pm – 12.30pm Thursday 19th September – Panel Q&A

4.30pm Wednesday 18th September  / 12:30pm  Thursday 19th September  –  Close

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