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Speakers and Sessions

Technical workshops presented by Beth Turner

As part of the WNIE Live seminar programme, Beth Turner MSc (Chemistry) - Development Chemist for Electrolube – Coatings Division, will be delivering exclusive content to our audience.

Beth has spent her career to date as a research and development chemist with employment at Apollo Chemicals before moving to Electrolube. Beth has previously worked on specialist projects including bio-functional nano-coatings and coatings affording protection to electronics in harsh environments.
Beth works alongside Electrolube’s Phil Kinner in the Conformal Coatings Division and is a member of RSC.

Application and Utilization of Protective Coatings for Electronic Assemblies

Abstract: Requirements for the coating of assemblies, classification of coatings, film properties of protective coatings, application methods for protective coatings, avoidance of typical errors during protective coating.

Electronics Protection: New generation conformal coatings for the harshest environments

Abstract: A presentation covering the different types of coating available, how to select the most suitable product for your application, examples of collaborative solutions for a range of applications and examples of how EL work closely with customers – technically - the level of protection that different coatings provide and how to speed up production with next generation of UV cure products.

WNIE Live Keynote - Smart Factory Connections For Free

Featuring Michael Ford, Sr. Director Emerging Industry Strategy, Aegis Software

WNIE 2018 saw the world’s first live manufacturing demo featuring the new Connected Factory Exchange standard, IPC CFX. One year later, has CFX lived up to expectations? Can any machine now talk with any other? Are connections really for free? Is CFX actually the last interface that we ever need?

Michael Ford of Aegis software brings us up to date on how Industry 4.0 can at last, get started. Taking a broad look across the various pains and business challenges in the electronics manufacturing industry, that now disappear through the use of modern IIoT-based digital technologies, including DIY CFX projects costing less than £100, all the way to enterprise-grade solutions costing a fraction of what you might expect



FLITE Session  - 'I am a Woman in Tech and this is why'

Featuring Colleen Wong, Techsixtyfour

Colleen started Techsixtyfour when her children were 18 months and 4 months old. She had her idea for My Gator Watch, a wearable mobile phone and tracker for children, when she took her babies out and saw a mum running around on a farm looking for her 5 year old boy. Fast forward 4 years, My Gator Watch is now the UK's top rated children's wearable mobile phone. She has 13 flexible working mums and dads on her team and has expanded her business to Europe.

Colleen is a Sky Women in Tech Scholar 2019, has won AXA's Health Tech and You Award in 2018 and a finalist for Startup Entrepreneur of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2019. Her kids are now 4 and 5 and the juggling act of 2 small kids and a tech startup is finally getting easier.

Before founding Techsixtyfour, Colleen was a stay at home mum and also worked in investment banking as VP at a large European investment bank.


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